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Large Graduation Package

Large Graduation Package

This includes recipient's name and a full congratulations banner with graduation year. Lettering and stars/balloons will match their school colors. The sign is approximately 20-25 feet in length. Set-up is after dark. Pick-up is after dark the next day.  This price is for a one day rental, but additional days can be added for an additional fee.

  • Booking information

    All signs are placed in the evening, after dark. Please write the EVENING  you would like it placed in ground. Not the day you would like it displayed. For example, a May 15th birthday will need a May 14th delivery date in order to have the sign displayed on the correct day. If you have questions, please get in touch via the "Get In Touch" feature.


    If cancelled more than 24 hours before delivery, a full refund will be issued. If customer does not cancel within 24 before delivery, no refund will be issued and a raincheck will be issued. If the ground was not watered per the LAWN REQUIREMENTS section, the sign will not be placed and the booker will be issued a raincheck service.


    Signs will be placed in the front yard unless other instructions are provided more than 24 hours before delivery. Set-up and pick-up are after dark.


    Lawn should be watered at least 3-4 days before sign placement. Once sign is delivered, the sprinkler service should be turned OFF for the duration of the sign placement. All mowing and landscaping needs delayed until the sign is removed. If these rules are not followed, the booker will be subject to a $20 per letter/graphic penalty.

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